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Empowering parents to be confidently intentional about their children's education.

Helpful tips from an education "insider" (and a Dad).

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Discover the 7 secret lessons you never knew you learned in school.

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Learn how to Overcome Your Top 2 Fears About Educating Your Children.

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I have worked very hard to secure a more fulfilled life for both my family and myself. Now, that same passion inspires me to empower parents with the confidence to help their own children become the very best version of themselves.

Daniel Hagadorn, founder of IntentionalED

Since 2002, I have loved every minute of teaching high school history, government, and economics. However, as an education "insider", my personal classroom experiences confirmed that our school system was purposely designed to standardize a predictable compliance that inhibits individual development and prevents independent thinking.

These experiences inspired me to create IntentionalEd. Not only for myself, but for parents just like you--who are seeking information, insight, or maybe just a little encouragement on how to choose the best path for your children’s educational future.

The purpose driving my passion to share all this simply for you to experience the joy of owning your rightful place as the number one expert in the world on your own children…knowing that you are the difference in the life and education of your child. My greatest hope is that you will feel empowered to be confidently intentional about all your choices concerning their education.

Because that is exactly how every parent should feel...

If you are looking for answers and for the confidence I spoke of, then you have come to the right place. This community was created to walk parents through the process of conquering their fears, exploring their options, empowering their choices, and owning their rightful place in the education of their children. And there are tons of great resources available to help you every step of the way.

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