DSC_1454I am a speaker | author | blogger who lives in Austin, TX, the husband of Vicki, the father of Landry, and a die-hard fan of Real Madrid CF.

Since 2002, I loved every minute of teaching high school history, government, and economics. However, as an educational “insider”, my personal classroom experiences confirmed that our school system has charted a dark path designed to incrementally deepen our national ignorance.

The present educational system is only useful for mass-producing children into a predictably standardized nation of mindless consumers and a compliant electorate. The sanctimonious rhetoric about helping kids achieve their highest potential is just so much paper posted on a classroom wall to impress parents at “back-to-school” night. After all, despite the obvious and persistent problems, nothing has changed. If anything, it has gotten worse.

A few years ago, a deeply disturbing question occurred to me: “What if our school system is actually succeeding beyond all expectation…because it was really designed to fail our children?” So I wrote Un Amarakan Edukashun: The over-schooling and under-educating of America to confirm through research what I witnessed every day in the classroom.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on “empowering education through parents” and my mission is two-fold:

(1) Empower parents to become confidently intentional in choosing how their children will be educated, and

(2) Equip young adults to pursue their God-given talents and passions to their fullest potential.

Consequently, I write about education, personal development, and leadership. My goal is to deliver informative, insightful, and relevant content that truly benefits the reader. If you are a parent or a student looking for solutions, information, community, inspiration, or a worthy cause…this blog is for you.

To stay connected to all the latest information…please sign up for my emails. As a founding member of the “I-Hate-Spam” club, you have my solemn promise not to flood your inbox, but whenever I write or discover information that would benefit you, I will definitely pass it on.

The campaign to empower today’s generation to become less schooled and more educated has begun. Though the effort to transform education in America will not end with us…it must start somewhere. I am honored to be traveling this road together.

Feel free to contact me at daniel.hagadorn@gmail.com

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