As a parent, there are no awards shows for doing what you do. Not that you are doing what you do for an award, or for the recognition…but it sure would be nice once in awhile. But, remember that the seeds you are sowing into your children today, don’t come to fruition overnight. Or next month. It usually takes years. But everything you are planting into the heart and mind of your child matters. It matters to them and it matters to God. So, just because you’re not wearing a $5,000 evening gown or a Giorgio Armani tuxedo while being mobbed on the red carpet by the media paparazzi–NEVER doubt that what you are doing in the lives of your children is nothing short of amazing!

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Every parent wants the best for their children

...that is why we are so vulnerable to doubts about any decision we make concerning our children's education. Doubt. No. More!

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